Wipe your cabinets and all other surfaces regularly to avoid the settling of dust and oil particles that float around your kitchens due to cooking. A good wipe with a clean dry cloth helps keep the surfaces clean and doesn’t require a lot of cleaning in the long run!

For your tiles and other similar surfaces, the magic potion to use is undoubtedly, baking soda! Mix baking soda with water and use it to wipe the surfaces with a mop or a sponge and voila, they look as good as new!

Stains can be a big pain but they can be easily tackled! Use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and some drops of ammonia in water and use it on dark stains of coffee and tea and see them disappear in no time.

When you are cooking meals, make sure to keep cabinets, cupboards and drawers absolutely closed to keep the insides from getting sticky.

Your chimney needs a good clean up every once in a while. Generally the filters of your chimney need to be removed and dipped in hot water to get rid of the grease and then the filters are put back into the chimney! If your chimney comes with a self-cleaning mechanism, learn to use it properly and regularly for the initial cleaning.

Use a disinfectant spray along with a soft cloth to clean your appliances. Appliances require good care. Ensure no leftover food or ingredients are stuck in any part and if so, clean with meticulously to keep them running without any problems!

Kitchen worktops need to be cleaned well to get rid of grout and grime. Use vinegar mixed with water to wipe down the surfaces to ensure a shiny counter-top! Also, the kind of material your counter-top is made of also plays a role in the kind of cleaning it requires. Do keep that in mind before using any material on it.

For sinks, especially if they are stainless steel, the use of baking soda can give you a stainless and spotless appearance in no time!

The hinges of cabinets can start making squeaky noises. This means they require some lubrication so that the hinges can keep working smoothly. Apply mineral oil directly on the hinges and hear the sound of silence as your concentrate on your cooking!

A good kitchen deserves good maintenance for it to last long as well as look new. Following these simple steps can help you keep your kitchen absolutely clean and new! 


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